Having recently rewatched ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming”, thanks to my daughter’s crush on Tom Holland, ti occurs to me that at no point during the film do we see an open reference to the Webhead’s trademark spider-sense.  As such, even though ‘Homecoming’ is an excellent movie, it’s just not… quite… right…  to my eyes.  (Granted, it’s the best big-screen Peter Parker outing in recent memory, and possibly ever, but still.)  Spider-Man just isn’t Spider-Man without that buzz in his head, much as Superman isn’t Superman without the notched red boots, Batman isn’t Batman without blades on his gloves and The Wasp isn’t The Wasp without a cute bob haircut, leading to today’s perfectly subjective query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also has no use for any Captain America who doesn’t have cuffed corsair boots, Chris Evans or no Chris Evans, asking: What single power or attribute would your favorite character just be wrong without, like Spider-Man without his spider-sense?


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  1. Hmm, favorite character… Okay, Cyclops’ ability to overachieve in desperate situations. He’s always the one who keeps it together and makes calculated choices no matter the situation, be it mutant extinction, apocalypse or anything in between. The most important X-Man is pretty much regular guy except eye beams and he would be the best team leader they ever had even without them.

  2. Captain Marvelous without Ranger Keys. Granted, he would still be an awesome pirate hero (and would still be much, much better than his Power Rangers counterpart), but using the keys to access the powers of past Rangers is just as much a part of the character as Spider-Man’s Spidey Sense or Hal Jordan being a jerk. It just wouldn’t be the same without the Ranger Keys.

  3. Supergirl’s skirt. You can do a lot with Supergirl’s costume. Adjust the length of her cape to reflect her general age and experience. Add little touches to make her costume more or like Superman’s depending on how big a shadow she lives under. Give her a rockin’ headband. But I’ve never seen a Supergirl costume that lacks the skirt and still works.

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