Here in the United States, it’s once again Thanksgiving Day, the day when I hang out with my wife’s family and have pretty much nothing to say until we all eat far too much.  Sometimes there’s a dog show?  Either way, it’s one of the big holidays ’round these parts and the end of the arbitrary calendar year makes it a good time for reflection about all the things we love.  For my part, I’m thankful for a decent Wonder Woman movie and a Justice League that didn’t actually annoy me (and also might have made it clear that ‘The Dark Knight’ is played out as a model for all of DC’s adaptations after thirty years), leading to today’s holiday-pay query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) eschews the term “American Thanksgiving”, as there are a lot of countries in the Americas, and Canadia had their Thanksgiving like a month ago, asking: What are you thankful for in this year’s world of pop culture?


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  1. I have to say that 2017 has been excellent with video games. More great ones than I got time to play and a lot better compared to last few years.

  2. The “return” of the First Doctor (I’m very, very happy with the actor choice as I think he did a phenomenal job in the role of William Hartnell for the 50th anniversary special “An Adventure in Space and Time”) and several top-notch video games (including a few new ones, some re-releases of much loved classics and finally getting some ports of niche titles not often released outside of Japan).

    • We are the same! I’m always looking for localized niche titles because very few popular and hyped big western developed titles do anything for me. I’ve been playing video games for over 30 years and modern huge money games feel too calculated and focus tested for me to have any interest in them, however pretty they might look or sound. I’ll take flawed but unique game every day over polished burger game.

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