One of the great parts of Major Spoilers for me is being exposed to all the cool people. ‘ Not only do I get the Faithful Spoilerites as innernets friends, I sometimes get to interact with the creators of my favorite things.  Just recently, I had a discussion  with Kurt Busiek, the writer behind ‘Astro City,’ ‘The Autumnlands’, and ‘Marvels’.  He also wrote a lot of other stuff, and I always remember him as the writer of ‘The Liberty Project’, a formative comic of my 80s youth.  I have a similar problem with George RR Martin, who wrote some sword and sorcery thing, but whom I will always remember as the mind behind ‘Wild Cards, leading to today’s patronymic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has the same problem with the poet William Zabka, asking: What creator well-known for one property or role do you always remember for their OTHER stuff?


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  1. If it’s not limited to comics, then I would say that my favorite Scorsese picture is “After Hours.” It’s one that is hardly ever mentioned. In books, I would have said Dirk Gently, but the character has been trotted out too many times in too many TV shows that I don’t like but other people do. Ministry’s first album “With Sympathy” is hated even but it’s creator, but I think it’s pretty swell.

  2. More of a pop culture (or even British pop culture) thing is anything to do with Rowan Atkinson. I remember and love him for his witty dialogue in BlackAdder…but the general populace know him for his bumbling slapstick comedy as Mr Bean. This makes me sad.

    On a similar note, I always see Hugh Laurie in his role from BlackAdder as a silly bumbling good natured fool. Very weird that most people know him as the opposite on House.

  3. McFarlane seems to be action figure company now, but I remember him from Spider-Man. Those were the first actual U.S. issues I ever picked up as a kid.

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