Baby Woolf is here!  Baby Woolf is here!  Baby Woolf is here!  Now that the number of Major Spoilers children has reached seventeen (counting various dogs and cats and Ashley’s beloved Tim Drake), it means that the elder states-nerds get to impart our wisdom to the newest parent in our midst.  Stephen and I have many tidbits of parenting advice that we’re happy to share, including “Don’t touch Dad’s Batman statue”, “Always…  never…  forget to check your references” and “Stay away from Captain Howdy!”, but then I remembered the lyrics of that song and walked back that joke hard.  Regardless, there’s no reason that we should have all the fun, leading to today’s forbearing query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is reminded that every child is different, and that all mileage may vary depending on dozens of weird factors, asking: What is your best parenting advice for Mister and Missus Young Zach?


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  1. My advice as a surrogate parent, big brother and uncle to many, many friend’s children:

    Never treat kids like they are too stupid to understand something. That doesn’t mean being 100% blunt at all times, but to talk to them like people.

    “Because I said so” is not a valid reason to a child or adult (and usually just makes you want to do it more), give them a reason why they can’t do something or why they aren’t allowed to use something without a grown up present. It works a lot better than vague reasons or idle threats.

    And unless you want your kid to suddenly desire world domination and/or plan to become a super villain, never let me babysit for longer than a couple hours at a time unless you have a cartoon movie to distract both of us.

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