Some years ago, during a period of unemployment (probably transitioning from one terrible call center to an even more terrible call center), I found myself watching a lot of ‘ER’ on TNT.  During this time frame, they were playing the heck out of the Free Credit Report Dot Com commercial featuring the rock band forced to work in a seafood restaurant due to poor credit.  It’s a particularly stupid commercial, but has a catchy hook and a charismatic bunch of doofuses in it, leading to about a half a dozen sequels and variations on a theme.  As with so many commercials, the well was truly dry before they stopped making them, leading to today’s thirty second query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still doesn’t know why a cartoon soldier, Shaq and a penguin are try’na sell me cheapjack insurance, asking: What’s your favorite stupid commercial?


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  1. An old Heinz gravy commercial where a man is arm wrestling someone to choose which gravy to have with dinner. He bests his opponent and loudly announces, “Onions, it is!” It turns out his opponent was his young son.

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