The never-ending battle can get long and take a massive toll on the hearts and minds of our imaginary super-powered pals.  And sometimes, even a superhero wants to just throw it all away…  Welcome to Ten Things!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with ‘An Amateur Comics Historian’ and Henry David Thoreau, Presents:



Originally an inversion of the kid sidekick trope, where young Sylvester Pemberton was the hero and chauffeur Pat Dugan his faithful pal, Stripesy and the Seven Soldiers Of Victory were lost in time on a mission gone wrong.  Returning to his own future, Pat gave up his red, white and blue suit, settled down and raised a son.  Years later, his second marriage gave him a step-daughter who became a new Star-Spangled Kid, with Pat returning to part-time superhero duty to keep her out of trouble…

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