Recently, I discovered a social media account called ‘Swear Trek’, which combines the Trek of our youths with some really funny off-color dialogue.  One recent entry had Neelix entering a room and yelling in a Boston accent, ‘Want some fackin’ soup?’, leading me to laugh and enjoy that character for literally the first time ever, barring at least one transporter accident.  As a rule, I love me all the Trek, but ‘Voyager’ is not my top choice, and the character of Neelix is one that makes me sing ‘Can’t Stand Ya’ like George Costanza, another character that can be difficult to like, leading to today’s off-putting query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) really doesn’t like a lot of my fictional friends, especially Ted Mosby, whose theories on relationships are actively dangerous to emulate, asking: What fictional characters in properties you otherwise love make you sing ‘Can’t Stand Ya?’


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  1. i’m prepared to receive a whole lotta hate from this one, but any of those irritating omnipotent trickster characters that show up from time to time. Q from Star Trek TNG, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Bat-Mite, all those guys can eff off.

  2. Can I pick an entire team? Much as I love Super Sentai, I’m just not super crazy about ToQger. I don’t mind the simpler costumes or the train motif, but I just can’t really stand the series overall. About the only part I really loved (aside from the cute heroines) was the really brief and absurd battle where two puppets fought (one on the hand of a Ranger, the other on the hand of a villain, complete with explosions like a typical battle would have).

    As for single characters, I REALLY hated the version of Goldar from the recent Power Rangers movie. The rest of the movie I found mostly enjoyable and a good updating of the old TV series, but I just cannot stand that version of Goldar. It was just so ridiculous.

    And like many, I couldn’t stand Wesley Crusher on Star Trek TNG even when I was a kid. Child genius, fine, I can get that. But he was so central to saving people more times than he should have been on a ship supposedly filled with some of the best and brightest of Starfleet.

  3. The zombie baby from the movie called either Brain Dead or Dead Alive depending on what continent you live on. The rest of the undead monstrosities were horrifying and/or entertaining, but by the end of the movie a friend and I were screaming in unison “THAT BABY NEEDS TO DIE!”

  4. Jake Sisko from the first half of Deep Space Nine. He got more interesting when he got older, and Nog, his annoying Ferengi “bad influence” best friend ended up having one of the better character arcs on the show as we learned his misbehavior came from dissatisfaction at what he presumed to be his “fate” and how he changed that fate by finding what he was good at and turning it into a career in Starfleet.

    But those first few seasons, ugh. Any time a “Jake and Nog” sub-plot would show up was just cringe-worthy.

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