Having a thirteen-year-old child, I find myself entertained by the evolution of teen slang, listening to Widget and her pals deeming things “lit” and “dope” where my generation would have said “rad” or “neo-maxi zoom dweebie.”  Lately, she and her cohorts have been using “fire emoji”, spoken out loud to convey that real events or items would cause them to respond on Instaspacetwit with such graphics.  Being a nerd, it always makes me think of The Human Torch, android hero of years past, who kickstarted what would eventually become the Marvel Universe (and was one of the very few Golden Age Atlas guys who weren’t clear knockoffs, leading to today’s fiery query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also has a soft spot for Bonita Juarez of The Rangers, the sometime Avenger known as Firebird and La Esperita, asking: What fictional pyrokinetic most makes you want to use the fire emoji?


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  1. I’ve talked about this a lot, Secret Wars is my first in depth experience of Marvel. In that story, Captain America orders Human Torch to use his nova blast against invincible looking Ultron which damages him enough to disable him. It was one of the stand out moments of the story to me, Cap ducking behind his shield, telling Johnny to do it, despite himself being in the blast radius.

    • Agreed. For all the hatred that gets heaped on that series, Shooter made sure to give nearly everybody their big hero moment, from the Wasp to the Human Torch to the Molecule Man. It was really impressive stuff…

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