Yesterday’s MS-QOTD discussed those imaginary friends in whom we place our faith, but it’s a fundamental truth of the universe: Not everyone can be Blast Hardcheese.  When it comes to our fictional friends and family, there’s always room for the snakes, the jerks, the two-faced bastids, the ones you don’t want to take at their word because it’ll wind up with a knife in your back.  Lobo, The Main Man from Czarnia is a sentient of his word, but I wouldn’t let him borrow my car.  Likewise, ‘Heavy Metal’ protagonist Harry Canyon, who effortlessly betrays and murders the girl he though was his lifelong treasure of destiny (admittedly while she had a gun to his head, but still), leading us to today’s capricious query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has one word, compound, made-up for ya: Starscream, asking:  What fictional character do you distrust implicitly?


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  1. Captain Marvelous. Sure, he’s one of my favorite Super Sentai heroes, but he’s a bit reckless and doesn’t always think ahead. I know in the end he will make the right choice, I just don’t trust his methods in getting there. Still, would be pretty fun to follow him on an adventure, I just wouldn’t blindly trust him without question.

    But on the “no way in heck” end of the spectrum, I also wouldn’t trust any incarnation of The Master, even the seemingly reformed version of Missy. I don’t trust The Doctor implicitly either, but at least he’s not as backstabbing and self-serving as The Master.

  2. Lets see, Hawkeye is the type of guy I wouldn’t lend my car to. Any of the Watchmen crew I’d be super wary of, except maybe Nite Owl, and that’s a big maybe.

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