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In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: What is Urban Shadows, and how is it played? This week, we discuss the game, and do character creation for those who didn’t do their homework.

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  1. Frederick Pagliarulo Jr. (a.k.a. Darth Macho) on

    Character creation is one of my favorite things about RPGs. I hate to put it that way because as the GM it sounds like I feel the campaign is all downhill from there, but there really isn’t any part of the campaign that inspires me more that players coming up with concepts for their PCs and putting the stats to them. It’s how I get most of my campaign ideas.

    This new RPG looks promising. I was skeptical about the mechanics at first, but it seemed to come together as the show went on. I’m looking forward to hearing it.

    Funny last note, for the entire time I’ve listened to Critical Hit and Major Spoilers, I thought Hays was spelled Hayes. I’m not sure why, but I was surprised to find out I was wrong. :)

    Thanks for the podcast!


      I know what you mean about Character Creation. I always find that the best games are almost an extended character creation experience, where we learn and develop aspects of every character in every encounter.

    • Spelling Hays, Hayes is a very common mistake – heck, even our local Arby’s spells it wrong on the receipt, and the joint has been here for 30 years. The misspelling seems to come from the spelling of Rutherford B. Hayes – the 19th President of the United States. Fort Hays (as you’ll learn next week) is named after Brig. Gen. Alexander Hays.


    I’m super excited about getting into a new campaign here. I’ve had limited experience with the Powered By Apocalypse system, and it’s always seemed to be an intriguing system that lets players roleplay freely with a fair conflict resolution system. And, this seems to be jumping into a genre that feels like it falls into sci-fi fantasy again. (I know a lot of people were excited by the Pathfinder game, but I could never get into the Wild West genre, and I missed the weekly game podcast as a result.)

    And, setting the game in Hays is particularly great for me, since I’m a Kansan as well. I look forward to a campaign based locally. (Well, sort of.)

  3. Loving the characters here and really looking forward to seeing where things go from here. I also want to say I would love to hear you guys take on Monsterhearts.

  4. So cool to set it in Hays, am loving the little bits of history and trivia they keep dribbling out in this show, especially Stephen, just like in the Cthulhu game. It’s fun and adds a bit of realism for me. Its great to hear Brian as GM too, he’s almost bubbly.

    As to the system… pretty much our experience with PbtA games, and sooo many other TTRPGs; sounded like we would love it but ended up that the system was getting in the way of our fun as much as facilitating it :-( We had fun, like we nearly always do, but we (some players especially) probably would have had more fun playing in a system we already knew and loved. We are running more and more types of games in D&D since 5e and so far it is paying off.

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