Earlier in October, we discussed the most terrifying non-monster villains and antagonists in fiction, but now that we’re on the cusp of Halloween, I’m thinking we need to go all-out with a good ol’ nerd-style slapfight.  With the proliferation of terrifying monsters in our pop culture, it’s hard to decide whether the Rankor monster would overpower The Babadook or whether Frankenstein’s monster would could successfully duke it out with Mister Hyde.  It’s fun to posit what would happen if the Hulk faced down Godzilla and who would be winner (other than the viewing public) leading to today’s misshapen query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) can’t actually look at picture of Count Orlok from ‘Nosferatu’ without a profound discomfort, asking: Which of the terrifying monsters of fiction is the most terrifying monster of all?


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  1. Stupidity. I’ve never been more frightened than I was watching the movie “Idiocracy” because while I know it was meant to be funny, it seems like it could be pretty close to the truth.

    But for legit monsters, Chucky. I still can’t watch the first three films because the childhood fear still lingers somewhere deep inside me. The idea of a doll inhabited by the soul of a killer is just too freaky. A doll inhabited by a demon doesn’t seem as scary to me for some reason, but a doll possessed by a HUMAN soul that likes to kill and torture, that is pretty messed up.

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