Much as I love Maxwell Smart and his unorthodox spycraft genius, I always feel for CONTROL’s overburdened Chief.  As a government official, he has budgets, overseers and committees to answer to, and his best agent is…  Well, putting it gently, a schmuck.  Honestly, though, most fictional authority figures get the shaft in a similar manner (especially with today’s endless crop of Rogue Agents Who Always Know Best And Shun Any Sort Of Rules Or Authority), leading to today’s administrative query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) always feels for Colonel Sherman T. Potter, who shares his unit’s frustration and despair, but has to toe the Army line, asking: Which beleaguered Chief, Boss, Cap’n or Sarge has it the worst of all?



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  1. Lt. Harris from Police Academy. He gets short end of the stick all the time, its impossible for him to win and become Commandant, like he thinks he will.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    The snarky side of me wants to take advantage of the absence of “fictional” in the question & say Stephen Schleicher, but I’ll refrain and say instead Colonel Klink, because he was responsible for everything and in charge of nothing all at once.

  3. The most yellin’est, apoplectic, near-self-parody of the angry chief has to be Joey Pants in the Bad Boys movies. Especially in (admittedly terrible) second movie, he’s damn near incomprehensible.

  4. Well, the pic you chose for this question, immediately brought good ol’ “Chief” from Get Smart to mind, and I can’t seem to think of a better candidate. So I’ll just go with that one.

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