I’ve noticed a pattern with the Friday MS-QOTD, wherein I might possibly need to remember the maxim that one shouldn’t shop and/or write while hungry.  That said, I have a super-hankering for some drumsticks from the local KFC, where the grease is (usually) offset by the mysterious 11 herbs and spices, at least in the Original Recipe configuration.  With Popeye’s recently arriving in my home town, certain associates of mine have shifted their idea of the best fast food chicken, but for me you still can’t beat the Colonel, leading to today’s deep-fried query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) might even consider calling it ‘Foodie Friday’, if only the word foodie didn’t make me so angry, asking: Assuming you eat either fast food or chicken, what is the top of the heap of fast food chicken?


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  1. It really depends, not just on franchise but on location. For example, the KFC in my town was closed down because it was horrible (they seemed to hire the worst possible people in the world to prepare it) and eventually they just stopped getting business.

    But in general, I’m split between KFC Extra Crispy and Wendy’s Homestyle Chicken Sandwich (the crispy chicken one, though the grilled chicken sandwich isn’t bad either). Depending on if I want just fried chicken or if I want a chicken sandwich, those are my go-to choices.

    Although if we had a Popeyes nearby, that might be my top spot, I just haven’t had any in so long that I can’t recall what it tastes like, only that I did enjoy it back in the day.

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