9) RED

A mysterious femme fatale who is secretly a villain, Red manipulates novice hero Ed Gruberman into doing her bidding for her accomplice, who is also Ed’s long-lost father and the judge who sentenced him to superhero rehab…

…suffice to say that ‘Super Capers’ is a complex movie, but not necessarily a good one, and just appreciate the lovely Christine Lakin and her cool costume.


The Red Ranger of Choudenshi Bioman, the 1984 entry in the long-running Super Sentai series, Shirou Gou is an astronaut and pilot of the first Japanese space shuttle. He is also imbued with Bio Particles, a power Maguffin that gives him tremendous might and a way-cool robot-looking powersuit. Bioman was a game-changer for the franchise, achieving some of the greatest popularity of Super Sentai shows to date, thanks in part to Red-1’s heroism and leadership..


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