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Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with ‘An Amateur Comics Historian’ and Twofer Tuesday (but on a Wednesday!), Presents:



During a time when the Green Lantern Corps was inactive, Guy Gardner found himself at loose ends. After first trying to keep heroing with Sinestro’s stolen yellow ring, Guy went on a quest for find a legendary spring in Africa, reputed to unleash one’s inner warrior. For Guy, it triggered a new set of powers from alien DNA, allowing him to…

…honestly, I’m not sure. Something something morphing natural weapons? Either way, it wasn’t terribly memorable, and his Green Lantern status was reinstated as soon as the Corps returned to action a few years later.


In deep space, on the planet Prime, each citizen devotes their entire life to mastering one single discipline. When one has mastered their craft, they are designated best of the best, as happened with Warrior One. When the Silver Surfer accidentally crashed Prime’s economy to buy ice cream (like ya do), Warrior One engaged the herald of Galactus in combat, discovering the truth in the old axiom about big fish in small ponds…


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