During this week’s Major Spoilers Podcast (specifically the portion where we discuss the kick-butt Polllllll Of Theeee Weeeekweekweekweekweek), Stephen wanted to talk red licorice.  As someone who doesn’t care for licorice, I wanted to abstain from the discussion of sugar celery, but as a compromise, I grudgingly put in my two cents worth there, and headed here to the MS-QOTD to balance the scales.  Since licorice is pretty awful, I prefer a nice gummy worm or Junior Mint package, leading to today’s polyunsaturated query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will eat a box of Raisinets during the opening credits so as not to get distracted during the actual film, asking: What’s your theater candy of choice?


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  1. Since the earliest days of my Dad taking me to movies as a kid, it’s been Goobers. He loved (I guess still loves, though we haven’t been to the movies in ages) them, and passed that on to me.

  2. Junior Mints. sweet with a little bit of a kick, not abrasively noisy/crunchy to chew on, not melty if you’re holding a couple in your hand for a minute or less, and not crown or filling-peelingly sticky/gummy. if you’ll pardon the pun, Junior Mints hit the sweet spot for theater candy.

    either that, or the good old-fashioned peanut (or maybe occasionally the pretzel) M&M’s chewed quietly. i’m a simple man.

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