Thanks to some truly lovely fan art from the wonderfully named BlooEyedSpazz, I’ve been thinking about the earliest moments of Critical HIt’s Void Saga.  (And if you’re not listening, why not?  Weird Western has been a hoot, and the terrifying final battle for the soul of Redemption, TX is just waiting for you!)  With the possible exception of my daughter, there isn’t much I’m prouder of than my participation in this show, and the remembrance of funnel cakes, Orem’s slowly evolving attitude towards non-pointy-eyed folk, Randus’ slow evolution from tinkerer to cyborg, as well as the endless parade of cool characters has me in a nostalgia loop.  If you haven’t listened, I would recommend it, but if you have, you likely have your own good memories, leading to today’s D-20 query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) might have asked who your favorite is, but with Trelle, Missy, evil Mr. Miller, Stormwind The Satyr, Livin’ Quart’rs and so many more, playing favorites would be difficult and cruel, asking: What is your dearest remembrance of Critical Hit?


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  1. Rodrigo allowing the ghost pirate story to go all Scooby-Doo. It was like he didn’t really plan it to, but Stephen was almost pushing for it. And he decided to roll with it. That might not be how it really played out IRL, but that’s what it sounded like to me. So fun.

  2. Robbie Warnock on

    So many good memories, but one really special one. During the Celestial Crusade, my brother passed away and the world was a different place for me for a little while. I went through the normal parts of life on autopilot. I didn’t laugh for weeks. At some point, Glaa made a very Glaa-esque laugh or “wheeee!”, and I laughed, and all started to be ok.

    There is also a one or second reaction from Randus when the Hogba sits down next to him in a tavern that is pure comedy gold…..

  3. The pumpkin scene mentioned above is probably my favorite.

    But since that’s been mentioned already, the final battle of the Celestial Crusade arc was pretty awesome too.

  4. Any scene with the QRD. The stick. And I miss Trelle so very very much.

    Also, Torq jumping out a window (was it twice?), and of course the pumpkin.

    P.S. Kill your friends

    That’s my one…

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