This morning, I got to watch a social media acquaintance explain that not only were dragons real, they were just another kind of dinosaur, and that neither creature was actually extinct but was in fact being suppressed by Secret Government Laboratories™.  She’s something of a crank, but the resurgence of the dragon in pop culture of recent years certainly brought on this latest ridiculous rant.  Along with unicorns, chupacabras and them there Bigfoots, we see the scaly beasts cycling in and out of favor, leading us to today’s draconic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) blames George RR Martin for this latest wave, asking: Dragons: Overexposed or Justifiably Ubiquitous?


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  1. I am ready for a Dragon Era to take hold and hopefully bring an end to the current zombie era we have been in recently. I love zombies but they have jumped the shark and need to get put on the shelf for awhile. BRING ON THE DRAGONS! and DARGONS TOO!

  2. Justifiably Ubiquitous when used appropriately. My answer may be affected by appropriate use of Bruce Lee poster.

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