As we often note here in Ten Things corner, naming your new character is the hardest part of the equation.  For every Booster Gold, there’s a Goldballs.  And then, there are the characters whose names seem to make no sense AT ALL…  Welcome to Ten Things!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with ‘An Amateur Comics Historian’ and terrifying X-Men villain with seemingly harmless name, The Sugar Man, Presents:




Seemingly a noble superhero type, Harold Campion entered into a flirtation with Wonder Woman that seemed like a match made in Olympus. Unfortunately, it was literally so, as Campion was actually Herakles in disguise, plotting to seduce Diana and use her in a plot to avenge himself on the Amazons. Far from being a Champion, he was a bounder, a cad and (as the kids today say) a giant douchecanoe.

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  1. i’m sad you had Firestar be number one, her Microwave abilities at least set things on fire.
    i’d say blackbolt needed to be on the list… that doesn’t “scream” sound powers to me ;)

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