Episode #297 features the return of scripter Jeff Parker, who I had the privilege of interviewing during the recent Baltimore Comic-Con! We talked about his work on the excellent Future Quest comic for DC, and how much he enjoys writing the various classic Saturday morning characters including the Herculoids, Space Ghost, Birdman, Mightor and Jonny Quest. He talks his favorites as well as what we might expect from this title in the near future. Since I’ve talked with Jeff before, I thought I’d include that interview in this episode as well. At that time, Jeff was working on Aquaman and Batman ’66 for DC Comics, and he talked about how he landed those gigs, among other things. I also chatted with him about his other work, including Underground, a fascinating trade paperback! Don’t miss this Jeff Parker spectacular!

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Wayne Hall

Wayne Hall

Wayne Hall creates the Wayne's Comics Podcast. He’s interviewed Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, John Layman, Kyle Higgins, Phil Hester, Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, David Petersen, Christos Gage, Mike Grell, and Matt Kindt. Each episode also includes reviews, news and previews. On this site each week, he writes his "Comics Portal" column (general comics comments and previews) and reviews comics.

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  1. October 1, 2017 at 3:25 pm — Reply

    Have to admit I was disappointed to hear one of the follow-ups will feature my favourites the Impossibles – I like many aspects of Future Quest, but how the ‘Imps are done in it story-wise is not one of them! I really don’t like 95% of that. They seem out of character to me, the new member, (I’m female but this addition does not make me feel included)!! disrupts the interaction of the originals, (they don’t even seem like friends to me after their first couple of appearances), and takes attention from them, the origin story discards much of the premise of the cartoon, (I prefer their background to be a mystery, but I may be unusual in that), and I don’t like Deva anyway, let alone replacing the original Big D. (Gives me the impression she would sneer at the fangirls – who I want to see…!!! while gloating over her association with the ‘Imps, and I think she is over-used in the story anyway). As to new member being a drummer – not necessary, as one of the originals could get behind the drumkit or a synthesizer could be used to provide percussion effects – common in real life bands. Would we see a male added to Josie and the Pussycats band? No). The very lowest point, for me, is the Franky Jr. repair scene in FQ10. Coil Man has great strength and reach with his power and would have been helping if it had been true to the original, NOT turning away making an out-of-character sarcastic remark; Fluid Man would have cheered them on; and Multi Man would NOT have made them feel excluded! To me, that undermined the great camaraderie they have in the cartoon and – well- took the hear out of them. The Impossibles are so often left out of HB stuff; in this case, I would have preferred it. Also feel the “feminist” aspect of FQ is over-done. On the plus side – story is exciting, most characters are more-or-less true to the originals, and Omnikron is a brilliant foe, reminds me of a Lovecraft creature, (Shoggoth-on-steroids)??!! and the fad of making stuff “Dark and Gritty” when it was never meant to be has been avoided. Art is mostly good, (I like it in some issues better than others., oddly enough even when by the same artist; bought 5, 9 and 11 for the art of the Impossibles, but I want my fave member Multi’s original costume back)!

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