This week, after years of absence which wasn’t absence at all because there were time-duplicated, clones and replacements in play the entire time, Marvel announced that both Wolverine and Phoenix would be returning from the dead.  Although death in comics is as common as divorce in soap operas or random explosions in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, these stories can still have depth and meaning, but I’d prefer we pay attention to one of the less featured mutants, a more underrated X-Man.  A return from the dead for Morph/Changeling or a big happy moment for Banshee would be more interesting for me, or (perhaps best of all) a Nightcrawler story that didn’t make ham-handed points about religion.  With so many X-Men in play, the options are practically limitless, leading to today’s mutant query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) shouldn’t have to remind you that to me, yes, it’s The Mimic, it was always The Mimic, it will always be The Mimic, asking: Which Marvel mutant is the MOST underrated X-Man?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    Madison Jeffries. He was such a good, solid sharacter in the old Mantlo Alpha Flight, and in modern era they’ve just turned him into some kind of technophiliac joke.

  2. I’ll go with Colossus. He got some recognition later but still is often brushed aside when people talk about their favorite X-characters. He was sort of a heart of Claremont X-Men. Not as important as Cyclops, but he was that soft spoken pillar everyone knew they can trust their lives with. Same sort of type is often found in many tightly knit groups, like sport teams (Tim Duncan anyone?) the guy who doesn’t draw attention to himself, but is respected by everyone.

  3. Maggot was introduced, underdeveloped and quickly cast aside.
    He has the strangeness of Matter Eater Lad (one of my favorite legionarres) Then he had enhanced powers like Calorie Queen. He had a wonderful backstory also and he was from the Underrepresented African continent.

  4. i feel like they’ve gotten their due in recent years/retrospect, but i’ve always thought Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler were two of the most underrated X-Men. they’ve got surprisingly versatile and useful powers, Nightcrawler’s origin is the archetypical mutant story (not only does he have the wacky powers, but his appearance elicits fear and hatred), and they’re arguably the hearts/anchors of every team they’re on.

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