Among the few non-disappointing moments of Zach Snyder’s ‘Watchmen’ movie is the fact that they kept Laurie Juspeczyk’s sky-high heels.  (If only they’d have kept any of the other aspects of the comic book character, it might have had some actual potential.)  Still, all the action sequences features Malin Ackerman and/or her stunt double in flats with quick cuts to cover the fact that Silk Spectre’s fashion statement is a major broken ankle hazard.  Similar tricks were utilized (albeit in a much more skilled fashion) in Wonder Woman’s film, leading to today’s stiletto query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is always amazed about how divisive superhero footwear can be, from Iron Fist’s booties to movie Captain America lacking the buccaneer boots, asking: Are the aesthetic values of superhero high heels enough to overcome their impracticality?


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  1. In some cases they are, others not. It depends on overall design and how character is supposed to move and act. Not a fan of high heels on regular human martial artist, fine with flying super powered alien or magical witch in most cases.

  2. I find it odd that I can accept that the highly protective magical/high-tech/alien skin/whatever armor of things like Super Sentai and Ultraman happens to look just like spandex, but highly-skilled martial artists or acrobats choosing to wear high heels seems weird to me.

    If a character can fly or levitate or isn’t in a lot of situations where the ability to get around quickly is an issue, it isn’t much of a problem, but when you have non-flying warrior women or martial artists in heels, it just seems a bit too far fetched.

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