I’m just gonna put this out there: Orko is terrifying.  Blue skin, terrifying feral yellow eyes, Lou Scheimer’s unnerving Bat-Mite voice…  Add it all together with the fact that he seems to HAVE NO HEAD, and you have one freaky character.  When I was younger, I wondered if his scary hat was some sort of terrible creature that ate his head, but left his eyes and ears and accursed consciousness to float in a horrific void, a monstrous fate for even someone as utterly obnoxious as Orko.  Of course, at least his hat didn’t define his entire life and personality with a five second song as happened to Harry Potter or doom him to a life of defending the planet from all comers like poor Rich Rider, leading to today’s haberdashery query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has also found Loki’s giant horned helm to be a little intimidating as well, asking: Which fictional character best wears your definition of a Scary Hat?


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