With news this week that the director of Star Wars: Episode IX (which doesn’t yet have a title, but could be called ‘Poe Dameron And Some Other Joiks’) was out, that J.J. Abramson would be in as writer/director and that the movie’s release date would be pushed back seven months, my social media is full of questions and recriminations.  Some say that this is another example of how Corporate Movies Suck and drain the life from things, while others are happy that they seem to be taking their time with whatever it’s going to be, while still others focus only on the question of what will happen to Princess Leia.  While I’m not usually one to notice or respond to this kind of behind-the-scenes story, I’m still wondering if this bodes ill, leading to today’s Mandalorian query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) realizes that there’s also a chance that this is just regular, everyday junk that has always happened in film-making, which is only noteworthy thanks to social media and instant innernets news, asking: Do any of the stories about the production of Star Wars: Episode IX worry you about the final product?


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  1. Not really. Creative changes happen all the time in movies, it is just so publicized in this case because Star Wars is a very, very well liked property and news comes out long before it would for many other movies. We had names attached to Episodes VIII and IX since before Episode VII even came out, which isn’t something we see a lot of in movies aside from big properties (such as the DC and Marvel film franchises).

    My only real concern is the reasoning behind all these parting of ways being said to be creative differences. I just hope that doesn’t mean Disney is pushing for the films to fit in some neat little box of a few limited ideas to use over and over again.

  2. The previous movie already had me worried about the next one. This stuff can’t help, but they’re already created a world I don’t want to visit, despite the fact that the new characters heroes are at least moderately likeable.

  3. Nothing will make me worry any more or less about Star Wars at this point. I’m semi-worried about every project regardless of anything.

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