A favorite of mine since the late 1990s, when he worked in World Championship Wrestling, Chris Jericho has since been World Champion six times, including being the first WWE/WCW Undisputed Champion after the companies merged in 2001, and has been Intercontinental Champion an astonishing NINE times.  He’s good at talking, good at wrestling, creative in how he makes the crowd love or hate him (doing both equally expertly, I might add, which is incredibly difficult) and also serves as frontman for his own metal band, Fozzy.  He is also exactly my age, have been born less than a month before me in 1970, and to think that someone your age has accomplished so much in the same amount of time that I’ve cultivated…


…an expert knowledge of the Legion and mediocre skill at spinnin’ quarters just boggles my mind, leading me to today’s chronological query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) XXXXX asks: What celebrity and/or public figure are you most amazing to realize is exactly your age?


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  1. From both sides.

    I thought Maggie Q was younger than I (I thought she was late 20’s, MAYBE early 30’s at most) and Ryder Strong was older (probably because on “Boy Meets World” he looked older than most kids our age did where I grew up). Turns out we’re all born in 1979.

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