I’m endlessly fascinated by the side of the Cybertronian civil conflict and the choice of Optimus or Megatron.  On the one side of the fight, the weapons of war and/or boom boxes, looking to conquer and rule; on the other, the land vehicles, dinosaurs and a talking microscope, who just want to live free and eat energon.  It’s usually easy to see which side is considered right in the fight, but the Decepticon faction nonetheless seems to welcome weirdos, freaks and shrieking lunatic fighter planes, which makes you wonder how they became so alienate from Cybertronian society.  Is Megatron more egalitarian than Optimus?  It’s the kind of thing that leads us to today’s mass-shifting query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that Soundwave’s relationship with his cassettes implies that the Decepticon side has nuances that aren’t immediately obvious, asking: You’re a giant robit looking for a side: Do you follow Optimus Or Megatron?


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  1. Gotta be Optimus Prime. At least he isn’t trying actively to get his subordinates killed in his paranoia of possible coup.

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