After the death of his cousin, one of the Global Guardians, Liam McHugh took up the DC Universe’s Jack O’Lantern mantle for himself.  Winding up as one of the Leymen, mystic protectors of reality (AKA Primal Force) Liam eventually did what no other of his name did, internalizing the power of his mystic lantern, eventually joining the Ultramarine Corps with his new powers…

The very definition of “buttmonkey” in the Marvel Universe, Jason Phillip Macendale lost battles to Machine Man, Spider-Man and others before graduating to the role of The Hobgoblin, even killing off Ned Leeds, who was using the costume at the time.  After a career as a less-successful Hobgoblin, Macendale was murdered by Roderick Kingsley, the originator of the identity, ending his mediocre career with a mediocre death.  (Another Jack O’Lantern later appeared, claiming to be him, but this was revealed to be a ruse on that villain’s part.)

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