An unusual case as, though he is a DC Comics character, he is overtly an analogue of one of Marvel’s; specifically Thor.  As part of an Avengers analogue team from Earth-7, The Thunderer is the only survivor after his world was attacked by The Gentry.  The Aboriginal Thunder God teamed up with other heroes of the Multiverse, including a Captain Carrot, a Mary Marvel and more as part of Justice Incarnate, protecting all the various surviving alternate worlds.

Debuting in 1941, Jerry Carstairs used his two strong fists, an amplifier in his mask and the chutzpah of three men to make his debut as a mystery man.  Though his career was short, he made his mark to the point where he has been repeatedly revived in the Modern Age, including one turn as a false identity for a time-lost Luke Cage.  (Jerry also had another identity, albeit with a near-identical costume, calling himself The Black Avenger, a designation that naturally rankled Luke Cage while wearing his cowl and mask.)

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