In his many years as the DC Universe’s top assassin, Deathstroke The Terminator has made more than a few enemies.  Granted, he’s killed most of them, but Legacy takes that into account by presuming that the person behind the mask might die.  As such, they’ve set up a feeder system of people to keep putting on the hideous purple faceplate and step up to get skewered, blowed up or smushed by the keen mind of Slade Wilson.

The son (via cloning) of Kree warrior Captain Mar-Vell (known as Captain Marvel, and keep that name fresh in your minds, Faithful Spoilerites), Genis-Vell was aged up to physical maturity by his mother.  Sadly for his peace of mind, that maturity didn’t carry over to his emotional state, and eventually he was consumed by the Cosmic Awareness that comes with his late father’s mantle, leading him to nearly destroy the entire universe in the guise of making it better.  He was later murdered by Baron Zemo, who has a history of stabbing superheroes in the back…

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