Another 30th Century denizen, Psyche was a member of the legendary Wanderers, one of the only super-teams to rival the prowess and renown of the Legion Of Super-Heroes.  Eventually, she and her whole team were killed in battle, but their clones were returned to life by a renegade Controller.  Sadly for Psyche, her control was not nearly as precise after returning to life, but she made up for at least part of that loss with a kickass platinum blonde ponytail.

Wearing some pretty cool braids of her own, New Mutant Danielle Moonstar has had a few codenames, but is best known as Mirage (or by her actual last name.)  One of the founding members of the original team, she has been part of the New Mutants and X-Men history for decades, even after losing her powers due to the something something plot point ‘House Of M.’  Like fellow classmates Cannonball and Sunspot, she keeps popping ups where you least expect her…

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