With the power of love (which is a curious thing, as many scholars have noted), Comet entered the DC Universe and immediately caught the eye of Linda Danvers, who was Supergirl at the time.  Due a complicated series of events, Comet became an angelic centaur who fought Linda/Supergirl a few times before finally finding love.  (Her horsey attributes are a reference to the Pre-Crisis Comet, aka The Super-Horse.)

The Comet of Marvel Comics is one Harris Moore, who gained super-powers back in the 1950s, eventually becoming an ally of Nova, The Human Rocket.  Harris discovered his own son was also a costumed hero and Nova pal, and the two of them teamed up as part of The Champions Of Xandar.  (Harris’s 50s origins and his crimson-and-gold costume is a reference to The Flash, whose co-creator, Carmine Infantino had recently become the artist on Nova’s book.)

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