The Big Red Cheese!  The World’s Mightiest Mortal!  Young Billy Batson was empowered by the elders through the power of acronymics to carry the magic of the gods to the world of today, Captain Marvel is perhaps one of the most recognizable superheroes of all.  Course, many of them recognize him as “Shazam”, leading to the recent renaming of the character to that more copyrightable nom de guerre, but still, they know him!

Less well-known, but still thought of highly by those he left behind, Mar-Vell (Toldja to remember that name!) lost his life to an aggressive cancer caused by battling the madman known as Nitro one time too many.  He, too, is not usually called  by his actual codename these days, as recent stories always make sure to stylize it as “Captain Mar-Vell”, but I can tell you right now that he never went by that while he was alive, and I have a complete set of his comics, thank you very much!  (He did once have a bond with Rick Jones that mirrored the original Captain Marvel’s transformation from Billy Batson, though.)

This week’s topic came from what passes for my mind, but you can suggest potential sets of your own here at Major Spoilers, or feel free to follow along @MightyKingCobra for more Ten Things madness on Twitter!  (Heck, you can also check out the full archive here!)  As with any set of like items, these aren’t meant to be hard and fast or absolutely complete since, after 80+ years, there’s probably more overlap than you think.  (I think there are at least ten Sentries out there, now that you mention it.)

Either way, the comments section is Below for just such an emergency, but, as always: Please, no wagering!

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