There have been literally hundreds of comic-book companies in the near-century that they’ve existed, but if you say “The Big Two,” everyone knows what you mean.  Still, in all those decades, Marvel and DC are bound to have hit on the same naming convention once or twice…  But how about TEN TIMES?  Welcome to Ten Things!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with ‘An Amateur Comics Historian’ and Two Hours Of Searching For Synonyms For This Title, Presents:




First suggested by a Legion reader in the “Legion Outpost” lettercolumn, recurring DC Comics villain Sussa Paka made her debut in 1964 as a failed Legion Of Super-Heroes applicant.  Like so many of those fellers and gals, she ended up in one of the iterations of the Legion Of Super-Villains, eventually winding up as a member of the Legion proper.  (A later retcon removed her and that entire timeline from continuity, thanks to #TimeTravelShenanigans.)

Also located in the future, a considerable-but-not-defined number of years less than 1000, Mayday Parker picked up her father’s costume and used the super-powers that he somehow passed down to her from the bite of a radioactive spider years earlier, to become the Amazing Spider-Girl!  The cornerstone of the MC2 (future Marvel) line, May is remembered for repeatedly beating the spectre of cancellation before being sorta-kinda absorbed into the Marvel Universe proper with the massive Spider-Verse crossover.

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