There are a lot of complex matters in time-travel: Marty and Doc Brown proved that fuel is a major issue, depending on the nature of the ship, while a certain would-be big game hunter named Eckels proved that one ripple in the past can really move outward in astounding ways.  Heck, even Jim Kirk discovered that it’s a bad idea to fall for a girl who died before your great-great-grandmother was ever born, but what we don’t always discuss are those time-periods that you just want to avoid, times that might as well be no time at all.  (Yeah, I am proud of that line, thanks!)  Is it the Old West, where so many chrono-travelers end up getting shot?  The weird post-apocalyptic future hellscape where Jonah Hex became embroiled in a life-or-death struggle that also featured a weird new Batman?  Or just the Midwest in the 1950s?  The choices are endless, leading to today’s metatemporal query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would definitely avoid Detroit around the year 2043, just in case I got Robocopped or attacked by ED-209, asking: What time-travel era would you avoid like it was no time at all?


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  1. The time frame when people were burned alive and/or drowned for being labeled evil or a witch for just being different, which is a fairly broad range of time. I wouldn’t last a day, I get enough flak (and more than a few threats) just for being different in the present.

    Would probably avoid the era of World War 2 as well.

  2. I’m gonna go with the period known across Europe as “The Dark Ages”. I like not dying of plague and being aloud to work and vote and do things apart from hard labor and having babies.

  3. Lame as it is, I could see myself using time travel to avoid any time where the temperature was over 90 degrees. Of course I’m writing this on a week with multiple 110+ days.

    Besides which is reading comics have taught me anything, my survival may be better off missing summer crossover events.

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