There were a lot of rocketships and spacecraft in my early childhood, but most of them were the Buck Rogers single-seat fighter plane type… until ‘Star Wars.’  The Millennium Falcon’s size and myriad hallways (they even had a little game room/lounge!) kind of fascinated me, and the idea that you could LIVE on the spacecraft and not some orbital station was intriguing.  Cue 1970’s ‘The Black Hole’, and the massive USS Cygnus, a massive city-ship featuring its own agricultural stations, what have to be miles of corridor and room for thousands of shambling humanoids to live, sleep and drool like mindless automatons.  Since then, I’ve loved the idea of a spaceship home, especially enjoying the ingenious design of Serenity from ‘Firefly’ or whatever that thing from the second season of ‘Buck Rogers In The 25th Century’ was, leading to today’s interstellar query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “sigg-ness”) will allow for restocking and such, you don’t have to survive indefinitely on the ship, I’m not a monster here, asking: What space-faring vessel do you think would make the most inviting spaceship home?


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  1. Macross Frontier has those Island Cluster Class Colonization Ships that are basically very nice Pacific islands covered with dome in space. One of those definitely. Its like living in Hawaii while being on space ship.

  2. for what it’s worth, i’d be most worried about stability, and it (if it counts as a ship) seems like the DS9 station was the most “stable” out of any pop culture spacefaring vessel. you’ve got the probably least amount of people shooting at you, or trying to raid you (unlike the falcon, or the serenity, or yes, any incarnation of the enterprise), with most (if not all) the amenities of the TNG enterprise. for the most part, you can just chill out at the bar, watch some soapy drama go down between aliens, go back to your quarters and let the engine hum lull you to sleep.

    also, those holodecks go wonky a lot. probably better off without ’em.

  3. The City of Baraboo from the book of the same name. It’s a spaceship is taking a circus to the stars. Imagine living with animal trainers, traipse artists and clowns)
    (I was about to say ‘Imagine living with a bunch of clowns’, but some of us already do that).

  4. If the TARDIS counts, then that.

    Otherwise, I would probably go with Terra Venture from “Power Rangers in Space”. Not only a spacecraft, but a whole modern city complete with fake Earth-like sky and day/night cycle. Best of both worlds, since if the void of space drives me mad, I can lie under trees in the park and stare at an artificially created familiar sky.

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