I’ve never really been a “New Year’s Resolution” kind of guy, but the summer of ’17 has been an extraordinarily transformative one for me, making me think about what I want to accomplish in the autumn.  I get a long weekend, which will have some cleaning, rearranging and planning for the household, and if all goes well, a new room for my kid, leading to today’s hopes-and-dreams-and-all-that-mishegas query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) hopes to finally clear the last hurdle to a SEEKRIT PROJECT that I think is awesome, asking: What are your hopes for September, 2017?


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  1. To make enough money to put at least 500€ aside for trip to Tokyo next summer. That’s pretty much my goal for every month, but I guess it counts.

  2. The local State Fair (there’s two of them in this state, ask) is held every September, and my lovely wife enters several of its crafting and baking contests. Often enough that she goes a little nutty from the multiple converging deadlines.

    So my goal for this month is to help my wife finish her projects, keep her stress levels to a minimum, and celebrate her accomplishments with her.

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