Thanks to a promotion by my favorite drive-in restaurant, I’ve had hot dogs on the brain all week.  While I have no desire to reignite the “Is it a sandwich?” debate, I feel safe in addressing the OTHER hot button frankfurter issue: Ketchup.  For some reason, the tomato emulsion fills some with unbridled rage, even though it can be pretty delicious, leading to today’s fundamental, condimental query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”), with apologies to vegan or non-tubular-meat-eating Faithful Spoilerites, asking:: When it comes to a hot dog, do you favor ketchup or no ketchup?


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  1. Depends on the type of hot dog and how it is prepared. Cooked on the grill or over a fire, or if it is one of those hot dogs with cheese inside or the really good beef or turkey hot dogs, I’ll usually pass on the ketchup since I like those flavors as is. Otherwise, as long as I’m not making a chili dog (which is preferable and one of my all-time favorite foods), I might put just a dab of ketchup and honey mustard on it.

  2. if there’s no other condiment on hand, i don’t mind ketchup on a hot dog. but if i had my druthers, anything you can put ketchup on, you can put BBQ sauce or even sriracha on.

  3. I’ll take a hot dog with ketchup if it’s being offered pre-made, but if I dress it myself I prefer mustard of some sort with relish or shredded cheddar.

  4. For me mustard and a little dill relish. No catsup and no mayo. Cheese is optional. But it’s not like I will turn down anything handed to me.

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