Among the many marvels of the modern age are the various dyes and tinctures that the proverbial Kids Today are into.  My own kid had bright blue hair for a while, while her friends have sported pinks, greens and purples, and one of my own grown-up friends has a multi-layered, multi-hued blue/purple/violet thing going on that is breath-taking.  As a boring old middle-aged nerd, I sometimes consider a nice black dye job, with maybe a Rogue-style streak of red, making for a doubly cool hair color, but then I think about whether I could pull it off and get all existential.  Perhaps someday I’ll take the plunge, leading to today’s tonsorial query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) had a platinum blonde wife for a weekend or so once, and it was… interesting, asking: What cool hair color would you most want to try?


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  1. In reality, One Punch Man style is what’s appropriate for me but I was just thinking that nevermind the color, something like Medusa would be cool. And handy.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    never did I ever desire to dye.

    BUT, if you could swing a “mood ring” style of color that changes to reflect your state of mind, I might give that a shot.

  3. In terms of colors, there isn’t really anything I want to try because I’ve had so many, many hair colors over the years in various shades and combinations. For most of my teen years I even had a “Two-Face” inspired hair phase where I dyed one side one color, the other side another color.

    But I always wanted to have green hair with a sort of fantasy warrior/viking-esque style braided look. I just never had the opportunity to do so as in school I was forced by parents to have hair under a certain length, and most of my jobs required hair under a certain length for safety reasons (coloring it was fine, though).

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