A stalwart of “Ten Lamest” lists for years, Paco Ramone is admittedly an unusual character.  A fad super tied to the early 80s breakdancing fad, Vibe was saddled with a troubling Puerto Rican accent and a cocky attitude that can be off-putting to readers.  Most of the derisive remarks also reference his original costume, with the lemon-yellow parachute pants, ignoring its historical stylishness.  (Look up 1984 fashions sometime.  I was there and I’m still stunned.)  None of the snarky listicles ever bothers to reference Vibe’s intelligence, the final arc where he started to mature or the fact that the story makes it clear his accent is intentional code-switching to fit in with his tough gang-ridden neighborhood, but at least the CW and recent DC New 52 iterations of the character have been better received.

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