Tenzil Kem is often held up as a ridiculous character whose powers aren’t scientifically accurate, which is somewhat disingenuous in an industry where Cyclops’ eye beams exist and Bruce Wayne is still able to walk.  When played correctly, Matter-Eater Lad is proof that anyone can be a superhero, regardless of whether or not their abilities are awe-inspiring or combat-ready.  During the infamous ‘Senator Kem’ era, his super-power was completely downplayed in favor of his charisma, connections and mastery of bureaucracy, making him one of the most useful Legionnaires.  The reality is that much of the undefinable magic of the Silver Age Legion Of Super-Heroes is encapsulated in Matter-Eater Lad:  Equal parts whimsy and awesome, written seriously but not overly worried about being taken seriously, which in my opinion, makes for a better overall story.

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