As happens during the month of August, I ended up reading Sandman #32 (a story entitled ‘August’) today, and was stunned at how beautiful the whole issue was.  Of course, Sandman as a whole is an incredibly gorgeous book, ranging from fully-painted lushness to impressionistic sketches, and the entire spectrum in between.  Whether or not any single issues of the book would be the most beautiful comic I’ve ever read is hard to decide, though, as there are many other candidates.  The origin of Tom Stone?  The strange issue where Mike Grell clearly drew an African-American man who was colored in pink?  Osterman smashing into Ozymandias sanctum?  Any and all of them could be the most beautiful comic book of all, leading to today’s subjective query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has an Alex Toth-drawn issue of The Question that is incredibly, even though I don’t remember the story to save my live, asking: What is the most beautiful comic book of all time, in your view?


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  1. Bone by Jeff Smith

    Everything about Bone fits together seamlessly. The humor, the art, the pacing and even the misadventures of the protagonists. There are books out there that are better drawn but the art doesn’t perfectly fit the feel of the story the way Bone does.

    Runner up would probably be Saga for me. Again the entire feel of everything comes together and just works.

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