We all know that The Fifth Doctor is the best doctor; this is verifiable fact that cannot be questioned.  But the news of the Thirteenth Doctor’s casting has once again gotten me thinking about things Whovian and wondering who the SECOND best Doctor might be.  Ashley Robinson will make a strong case for Matt Smith’s Eleven, while my wife will always champion Christopher Eccleston’s intense, craggy Nine.  There are any number of internet commenters who will claim that Tom Baker’s Four is the one true Doctor, but since those guys mostly call the character “Dr. Who”, we can safely ignore ’em as we embark on today’s fantastic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is torn, with my loyalties locked in a three-way tie between kung-fu grampa Three, wacky young hero Ten and massively underrated arrogant genius Six, asking: Which incarnation of The Doctor is the second best incarnation, after the inarguably superior Fifth Doctor?


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  1. Christopher Eccleston

    He started of the new era with a wonderful throwback to the original.

    I was incredibly disappointed that he was only given a season. I would have loved to have seen a few more seasons with him at the helm.

    • Much love for Rowan Atkinson’s version. Also, still amazing for me to hear people associate him with Mr Bean primarily when he is much stronger verbally in things such as “The Black Adder” series, which is awesome! (also, slightly surreal for anyone who has watched “House” but not seen Black Adder first. I knew Hugh Laurie from Black Adder and his silly characters first and very trippy to see House afterward)

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    Tenant. When I ask myself “which Doctor’s episodes would I most like to watch again,” after I get past Davison’s full-Tardis crew era, the stories that are the most consistently satisfying are found in the time of the Tenth.

  3. 1st best (also in line with Matthew’s theory I believe that your first doctor is your favorite): Tom Baker
    2nd best: Matt Smith (since I came back to Doctor Who at that time and his arc was the most easily accessible version/presentation for new viewers like my gf at that time…who became a huge Doctor Who fan afterward)

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