With only 10 days until the highly anticipated San Diego Comic-Con, Hashtag Comics is excited to announce that their artist, Riana Dorsey, has been nominated for the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award for her outstanding work in Hashtag Comics’ hit series, Cloud Riders. The Russ Manning award is one of many that will be presented during the Will Eisner Awards ceremony at Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 21, 2017. Dorsey’s nomination is Hashtag Comics’ first nomination for any of the Will Eisner Awards.

Riana is responsible for all of the art in the very popular Cloud Riders series. Her unique artistry brings the stories to life in a remarkable way and is a major contributor to the success of the series.

Since 1982, The Russ Manning Award has been presented, at San Diego Comic-Con, to a comics artist who has shown that their knowledge and ability are superior among their peers. The award is named in honor of Russ Manning who is responsible for the illustrations in both the Tarzan and Star Wars newspaper strips as well as comic book art.

The list of nominees is selected by a group of panel and board members at Comic-Con International and a comics retailer in San Diego. The winner is chosen by previous Russ Manning Award winners and assistants to Russ Manning.

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