Continuity Entertainment is excited to announce that Shannon Lee has joined the company as Editor-in-Chief.
Shannon Lee has overseen production on a number of independent publisher Continuity Entertainment’s titles in their debut year, including the flagship series Destiny, NY and the all-ages graphic novel Clonsters. In addition to continuing work on those titles, Shannon will expand her duties as she develops a publishing slate of new content for 2018 and beyond.
“After watching her work on Destiny, NY, it became clear to me that Shannon is the most talented and creative editor I’ve ever worked with. I brought her on board to have a second set of eyes on the graphic novel, and she went above and beyond the call of duty. Destiny, NY is a better book because of her involvement, and I can’t wait to see what she does in this expanded role,” says Pat Shand, President and Publisher of Continuity Entertainment.
“Being a part of a company like Continuity Entertainment is a dream come true. The excitement I get from working with seasoned artists and writers, to fresh new voices and creators, both in and outside the comics industry, is opening my eyes to endless possibilities,” says Shannon Lee, newly appointed Editor-in-Chief. “I trust this company. I believe in this company. I’m ready to make our dreams and the dreams of other creators come true through this company.”
Shannon Lee is currently working on production for the Ryan Fassett and Pat Shand anthology Modern Dread, the psychological horror Shut Eye illustrated by Jem and the Holograms: Infinite artist Jen Hickman, and the second volume of the Prism Award nominated Destiny, NY, the latter of which will debut on Kickstarter for pre-orders on September 1, 2017. This summer, Shannon Lee will appear on the Destiny, NY 2017 Tour which will hit bookstores and comic shops on the east coast from July – October.
Continuity Entertainment produces graphic novels, film, and web content with the goal of making entertainment for everyone. Destiny, NY is now available for order on Amazon, and the spinoff webcomic Destiny, NY: The Space Between can be read for free on Tapas. For more from Continuity Entertainment, please follow @ContinuityEnt on Twitter.

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