As a man who lives in a world of references (albeit partially by my own nature), I’m always amused when a something pops up that surprises me.  Yesterday, it was a sudden appearance by Dan Backslide shouting “I’LL STEAL IT!” at the sight of an expensive sports car in the middle of an otherwise bizarre conversation thread, leading me to Google “The Dover Boys at Pimento University” or “The Rivals of Roquefort Hall.”  Is it the best cartoon of all time?  Well, when you talk about the greatest cartoonists of all time, Chuck Jones will always top my list (even though Bob Clampett’s hillbilly wolf informs a little bit of my Torq voice), leading to today’s public domain query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds anyone who questions my Chuck pick that he did ‘Duck Amuck’, which may actually be better than ‘Dover Boys’, but would ruin my whole point if it were, so let’s just move on, asking: What single animated thingama is the GREATEST cartoon of all time in your eyes?


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  1. Chuck Jones’ “What’s Opera Doc?”

    Cannot beat it. First cartoon to ever be included in the National Film Registry!

  2. “The Great Piggy Bank Robbery” is Bob Clampett’s best use of Daffy Duck in a cartoon. The runner-up is Robert McKimson’s “Birth Of A Notion” also featuring the aforementioned fowl.

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