The recent penultimate episode of The Twelfth Doctor’s tenure has kicked my butt, dramatically speaking, putting a cap on the season and the Moffatt era.  That said, though I wanna talk Who, I’m avoiding the internet for a very good reason: The times near a regeneration tend to lead to rankings, which inevitably start with “We all know The Sixth Doctor sucks.”  Those people are wrong, point-blank, but there’s no sense trying to relitigate a 30-year-old argument with people who aren’t speaking in good faith anyway…

I still WANT to, though, which leads to today’s bull-headed query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also can’t understand why people are so determined to tear down The Red Tornado, asking: Which Nobody’s Favorite will you fight to defend with your proverbial dying breath?


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  1. On the subject of Doctor who I would say that Donna is my favorite companion. Everyone seems to disagree with me. I felt it was nice to have a companion who wasn’t a love interest, and didn’t take The Doctor’s crap. Still mad about how her story ended.

    • You are not alone in your objectively correct opinion. Donna is clearly the best modern companion only just losing out to Sarah-Jane Smith and Jamie McCrimmon for best companion ever

  2. Matthew there is one that you and I share.

    Disney’s The Black Hole

    Few people I know have even seen it let alone like it. The majority that have seen it claim it is bad.

    I’m not saying it is the greatest movie ever made but it is a fantastic space odyssey. It is also why Vincent adorns a t-shirt and hoodie of mine.

    I’d say in general I step up to the plate for B or lower movies that have some great moments and make them worth watching. Ice Pirates . . . mic drop.

  3. Double unpopular: my favorite Star Wars movie is the 1997 Special Edition Return of the Jedi on VHS. I know that Empire is technically a better movie, and that nigh all of the re-release additions are tantamount to heresy, but, having seen nearly all iterations of the films, I feel that the things added to this movie at this point in time — chiefly the added Death Star explosion celebrations, a physical Sarlacc, and, for better or worse, the musical number in Jabba’s Palace — were all things that were originally intended to be in the original release, and were only cut due to time or budget limitations. Additionally, these additions add more flavor to the universe/story, as opposed to slightly changing a line, vomiting CGI everywhere, retconning actors (looking at YOU, Hayden Christensen), and things in the Han/Greedo category of unnecessary and poorly executed and juST WHY LUCAS WHY????
    As far as ROTJ being my favorite of the original three, it comes down to rewatchability for me. As great an opening and iconic a climax as it has, Empire’s middle is like an original VW Beetle: iconic, but, when it comes down to it, pretty darn slow. ROTJ, for all its faults and being a commercial scheme to sell toys, has a good flow, lots of action, and a redemptive climax that served as the cap to one of the most iconic sci-fi series in cinematic history.

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