Growing up as I did on issues of ‘Master Of Kung-Fu’, I have always harbored a secret love of the high-velocity flippy-dippy kung-fu fighting.  Though it might not be as useful in the “real world” (where I’ve never had a real fight as an adult and never hope to have one), the idea of a flying dropkick, an Iron Fist flippidy or even something ridiculous like a Rock Bottom seems so much more stylish and entertaining to me.  ‘Course, part of the reason that I’ve never had much of a connection to a character like The Punisher is his straightforward approach to the idea of crime-fighting, as I prefer the theatrical to the brutally effective, leading to today’s attitudinal query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would approach such matters the way I approached magic as Biium, the one-hummingbird fireworks display: With as much panache as humanly possible, asking: If it came to theoretical super-combat, would you prefer an all-business approach or the flashy flying dropkick style?


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Once upon a time, there was a young nerd from the Midwest, who loved Matter-Eater Lad and the McKenzie Brothers... If pop culture were a maze, Matthew would be the Minotaur at its center. Were it a mall, he'd be the Food Court. Were it a parking lot, he’d be the distant Cart Corral where the weird kids gather to smoke, but that’s not important right now... Matthew enjoys body surfing (so long as the bodies are fresh), writing in the third person, and dark-eyed women. Amongst his weaponry are such diverse elements as: Fear! Surprise! Ruthless efficiency! An almost fanatical devotion to pop culture! And a nice red uniform.


  1. Malone_hasco on

    I think I would prefer strong style wrestling kinda thing. So, combination of flashy stuff done sparingly (everybody needs to have their special attacks, otherwise its boring) combined what really works.

  2. In real life, peoples’ live would be on the line, so I would be all business. But hopefully, I could pull it off like Saitama and have it be stylish anyway =D

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