When you’re producing an excellent ongoing sci-fi/action/adventure Indie comic, one of the tricky parts can be knowing what to let the readers know, and when.

In the newest Salvagers chapter, the creative team lets the readers in on some more of what’s going on, and does it all with skill while managing several moving parts, making this issue a great read!


Writer: Bob Salley
Cover & Interior Artist: Chris Genevois
Colorist: Fahriza Kamaputra
Letterer: HdE
Publisher: Source Point Press
Cover Price: $4.99

Previously in Salvagers:  “The Salvagers are on their distant fueling station, preparing to enter the habitable zone. But after being rejected by the smuggler Jace Hexum, Captain Roenick is faced with the dilemma of getting rid of the illegal battle tank they found on their last salvage. That could be the least of their problems as more danger approaches. Largo Raas and the Klandarian pirates are closing in on the crew and are eager to take their revenge on the mighty Ty’r.”


It’s no secret that this Indie comic has been a favorite of mine for quite a long time, ever since it first hit the ground running a few years ago.

Salvagers has often been called “blue-collar sci-fi,” and rightly so. It’s not into huge hero worship, as some franchises I could easily name are. Instead, it looks at everyday life in space, working men and women who clean up after the big battles have been completed. Hey, I know people on this planet who do that kind of work, too! That’s one of the important elements of the franchise, and it fills a void we don’t often see met.

One fault I often find in sci-fi comics, TV and movies is that the adversaries are often one-on-one. In other words, one bad guy causing trouble for the hero. Or it could be one bad group causing trouble for our heroic group. This is probably good for many readers and fans, but some of us like to have more than one or two plates spinning at the same time!

This is the kind of thing that Bob Salley excels at. In this issue, for example, he has several groups, including the Salvagers, the Klandarian Pirates, the Blackbane organization and a few other elements moving through the book. It’s never a dull moment for anyone in the Salvagers universe, and it makes for great reading, particularly given Bob’s strong characterization abilities!


One of the great challenges in sci-fi storytelling is to make alien faces and movements something humans like us can read and understand.

Mr. Genevois is one of the best in the business when it comes to portraying action and facial expressions in sci-fi. This issue, as more is revealed, he does an amazing job of pulling us into the tale from all the various angles, and it’s a powerful part of the entire experience.

I also enjoy the colors in this book, from the various skin tones on the different races to the use of color to make the different situations pop off the page. I particularly enjoy the purples of one particular lady in this series. If you’re reading it, you’ll know who I’m referring to. She sparkles both in action and appearance, making her a favorite of mine. What’s going to happen to her? I don’t know, and that will bring me back issue after issue!

BOTTOM LINE: A Comic Franchise That’s Among Sci-Fi’s Very Best

As much as I love “mainstream” comics, I often find some of the most compelling books available today to be Indie comics, with Salvagers way, way up there among the very highest and most powerful sci-fi stories you can find.

If you’ve been supporting this franchise during the several Kickstarter campaigns that have been keeping Salvagers among us, thankfully. If you’re new to these books, you can purchase and download them at this link at comixology.com. For paper copies, you can go to their Facebook page here.

This Indie comic truly is one of the shining lights when it comes to sci-fi and Indie publishing! If you haven’t gotten into Salvagers yet, boy, have you got a great read ahead of you! Highly recommended!

Salvagers: Wreck Raiders Part 3


Terrific Sci-Fi

Salvagers truly is one of the shining lights when it comes to sci-fi and Indie publishing!

User Rating: 4.85 ( 2 votes)

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