Today, Everything Epic is proud to announce that we have fully funded our Kickstarter campaign for Metal Dawn the Board Game! The new sci-fi action-adventure cooperative game from Everything Epic (Publishers of Big Trouble in Little China the GameRambo: the Board GameSecrets of the Lost Tomb). Game designed by Chris Batarlis (SotLT and Big Trouble in Little China: the Game) and Steve Avery (Nothing PersonalTa Da) with 80’s, Sci-fi, artwork from Shane Braithwaite and Jim Samartino.

“Metal Dawn” is a sci-fi fiction inspired cooperative board game by Everything Epic. The game originated from the designers’ love of cartoons like GI Joe, films like “Terminator” and TV shows like “24” with real life historical technology like Reagan’s Star Wars program. It’s a thematic, cooperative, tactical game that allows 1-4 players to take on the roles of agents from the divisions of a secret government agency tasked with protecting Washington DC from major attacks like this one, the invasion of a mechanized army lead by a rogue AI satellite in space with one horrific mission, to protect humanity, it must destroy it.

The game provides diverse and iconic zone locations throughout Washington DC where players must task their agents with facing off with the hoards of oncoming Drones, Cyborgs, Exterminators and Nano-bot controlled Soldiers. Beyond that, players must complete missions which will unlock new special abilities or help drive back the influence of Dominus. Players must use all of their skills and tactics to obtain weapons and gear to fight the bots with and they must recover intel to hack Dominus’ kill codes. When they do, they must face-off in the greatest battle of them all, they must confront Dominus Transformed, a giant Robot of kaiju proportions! If they are victorious in defeating him before the Metal Dawn track raises above 10, the players win!

Metal Gear

The Kickstarter will run until June 22nd 2017 and is estimated to ship out to backers in January of 2018. Gamers are encouraged to back this Kickstarter to get a hold of very special fully unlocked stretch goals and the coveted “Metal Dawn: Tech War Deluxe Kickstarter Limited Edition” version of the game. It will add 2 more players to the game bringing the player count from 1-4 to 1-6 and will also include a vast number of expansion zone locations, weapons, gear, agents, missions, as well as an entire new game mode “Tech War” the competitive area control game!

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About Everything Epic

Founded in 2013, by President Chris Batarlis and VP Jim Samartino, Everything Epic is an independent tabletop game publishing and design company. Chris is the lead game developer and Jim is the lead art director while both share design and business responsibilities. As a team, we pride ourselves in creating high-quality and immersive gaming experiences that inspire memorable moments and bring people together. Some of our other upcoming titles include Big Trouble in Little China: the Game (Pre-Order NOW 2017), Rambo: the Board Game (Kickstarter January 2018) and the “Secrets of the Lost Tomb” series long awaited sequel Secrets of the Lost Station (Kickstarter Late July 2017).


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