Faithful Spoilerites will know that your humble MS-QOTD, like any nerd, has a few particular loves: The Legion Of Super-Heroes.  The Super Sentai series.  The subtle religious iconography and delicately painted features of Alesso Botticelli.

But high on any list of my peccadilloes and pets has to be ‘How I Met Your Mother’, a clever, tightly plotted TV show about a terrible man’s search for his Manic Pixie Dream Girl.  I will watch endless reruns of the show without boredom, thanks to episodes packed with incident and a web of flashes forward and back.  I haven’t experienced this level of rewatchable since ‘Scrubs’, which tanked it all with a terrible final season/sequel, leading to today’s syndicated query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) tried to get back into ‘Friends’, but finds that it has NOT aged well, even to someone who can stomach Ted Mosby’s twee selfishness and dipstickery, asking: What television program would you happily watch in endless reruns?


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    Gamecenter CX. Actually I do watch endless reruns because I got over 250 hours saved on my hard drive.

  2. I just flat out ignore the final season of “Scrubs”. As far as I’m concerned, “My Finale” is THE finale and the next season doesn’t count.

    If I count the Super Sentai franchise as one series, I’ll go with that. I already do rewatch old seasons quite regularly and they hardly ever get old (there are, as in most shows I like, an episode or two I don’t care for, but still love the series as a whole).

    To be honest, you could substitute almost any of the long-running Tokusatsu series and I’ll watch them over and over. Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and to a lesser degree Metal Heroes (Not that fond of the last two series). I can’t get enough of them.

    But if I’m looking at just a single series, then Doctor Who, which again is something I already watch repeatedly. Futurama comes in at a VERY close second.

  3. There are very few complete series that I have watched on loop but may partial series that I have pigged out on for hours. Days. Years! For example:

    M*A*S*H seasons 1-3
    Cheers seasons 1-5
    Simpsons seasons 1-5
    SNL seasons 1-4/5
    Red Dwarf seasons 1-4/5

    So unless it has to be a complete series, I would go with MST3K Joel Years + Select Mikes (and no Jonahs).

    If it has to be a complete series, I am going with I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke Show.

  4. Law & Order – The original, not SVU. There’s just so damn much of it, that by the time you’ve watched it all, you forget how half of the cases wound up.

    Simpsons, or any other halfway decent show that’s run for 15+ years, fits the bill as well. The more of it there is to watch, the longer it takes to see it all so much you can quote the episodes.

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